Big Bad B Names

Baisley — What’s worse than Paisley?  BAISLEY.
Bambi — YES I KNOW IT’S A REAL NAME.  But come on.
Basil — Bad enough for boys, but for a girl?
Bassy — Her brother is called Trouty.
Beautiful, Beauty — Giving your kid a name like this is just begging for an ironic outcome.
Believe — Believe that this name stinks.
Beretta — Pew pew!  Guns.
Bless, Blessed, Blessin, Blessing, Blessings — This name needs five iterations like I need my arms and legs chopped off.
Bliss — No, no, no.
Blimy — This is some sort of Yiddish creation.  Still bad.
Bonita — I had a suspicion, so I researched this, and apparently using this name in Spanish is just as dumb as naming your kid “Pretty” in English.
Boston — I love the city of Boston, but this name doesn’t belong on your child.
Bracey — I don’t care enough to look this up to see if it’s Yiddish or just straight stupid.
Bowie — Whether you’re talking about David or the knife, this is a bad name for a baby girl.
Brandalyn — Take the world’s trashiest quasi-legit name and tack a superfluous -LYN on the end.  What could go wrong?
Bravery — Now your kid will be brave FOR SURE.
Braxton — These parents didn’t own a baby name book so they picked a name from the pre-labor part of their pregnancy book.
Breck, Breckyn, Brecklyn — Blech.
Breeze, Breezy — On the plus side, she won’t have to use a stage name at the strip club.
Breon — Rhymes with freon, neon, Leon, peon, and horrid.
Bronx — If you’re going to use a place name, at least pick one that sounds sort of like a person name?  I don’t know.

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