EM and EVs

EV- and EM- names are very popular right now, traceable to the national obsession with Ava, Emily, and Emma.  Here are the names in the top 500 that are rising.

Everly and Emery (and Emry): Everly and Emery both saw strong gains (especially the red-hot Everly, at 376%) since 2012.  With 2625 uses and 3318 uses, respectively, they will increase in popularity over the next few years.  Meanwhile, their little sister Emry (+28%) will enter the top 500 as Emery rises.  Emily, the only EV- or EM- name in the entire top 500 to show a decrease in use, is down just 5.8%, a respectable showing considering the competition.

Eve: This simple name is up 32% and will keep rising as an alternative to Ava and Eva.

Evelyn, Emmalyn, and Emmeline: Evelyn continues to mow down all names in its path on its collision course with the Top 10.  It’s now over 10,000 uses, and having risen 26% since 2012, shows no signs of slowing.  Emmalyn (+16%) and Emmeline (+14%) seem to be following in its footsteps, although they don’t have nearly as many uses (yet).

Eva and Emma: Eva is up about 10% while Emma saw slightly more uses compared to 2012, keeping it in the #3 position on the girls’ list.

Evie and Emmy: These nicknames, up 21% and 30% respectively, will only increase in popularity as EM- and EV- names rise.

Evangeline: This name is rising while most of the other -ANGEL- names fall, almost certainly due to its EV- prefix.

Emilia: This name has several pronunciations and is no doubt being used as an alternative to both Emily and Amelia.  Since 2012 it’s risen an impressive 55%.

Ember: This little name will not remain little for long, up 44% since 2012.

Emerson: With a trendy EM- beginning and -SON ending, this name will continue to make significant gains.  It’s up 33% and in 2014 had 2716 uses.

A host of other EV- and EM- names populate the girls’ list in the sub-500 range.  It’s too soon to tell how most of them will fare, but given numbers and current trends these seem most likely to keep rising: Evelina, Evolet, Eveline/Eveleen, Ever, Emiliana, Emberly, and Emberlyn.

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